My plans to post a little something every day? Ya, that worked lol.  Well, its been really busy lately, I tried out for the school play (junior lol) and am excited to see the results on tomorrow :D.  Not much else going on, lol.
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Just an Update

I think I'll try to post a little something each day just because.  I will try to post things that are actually of relevance and maybe even a few ranty rants :3 Stay tuned for the shenanigans! 
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Oh Mah God O,o

I was just running to town with my momma and the most insane thing in the history of ever happened.  We were just driving along and all of a sudden this old woman is right beside us and she's coming into our lane, and I'm not talkin like an inch or something, I'm talkin like she's trying to run us off the road! So my mom looks over and sees this woman shouting, pissed off at the world, flipping her the bird and telling her to get out of the way.  My momma let out the longest eff you eff your mother eff the world I think I have ever heard lol!  Although she stayed her ground cause we were at a stop light.  So when the light turned green this lady sped in front of us and turned.  When we passed guess where she was.......subway.  *dies*  "Imma kill this biznich, then I'm gonna eat phresh" lol.

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     Hello everybody!! My name is Jessica and i am an absolute nerd!  My favorite things to do are read, write and watch movies :D When I graduate I hope to become an English teacher, graphic designer, or possibly a ninja *shifty eyes* lol.  I honestly don't have much more to say. :D
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